Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Glad for Light

Dastardly deeds are done in the dark. Not always, but usually. Why? Because such deeds cannot stand the light. The light exposes. So, most crime happens at night under the cover of darkness.
         Sins often fall in this category as well. Of course, you can sin in the daytime but many sins are more easily done at night.
         Christians ought to be glad for the light. The light exposes reality. It chases away the shadows. It takes away the excuses. It leaves you exposed before the all-seeing eye of the One True Holy God. The One who spoke light into existence. The One who is light and in Whom there is no darkness at all. Being in His presence, with that much light can be unnerving. In a sense, too much exposure. Do we shrink from such a light or embrace Him?

         Thanks be to God for the gospel, the joy of forgiveness, the desire to be made new, renewed, restored, refreshed, revived, regenerated. In Christ Jesus, who is the light of the world, who takes away our sins, we are glad for the light. We desire to be exposed because we know that God is the hope of our salvation. We know that in Jesus, being exposed by the light is the means that God uses to bring us to confession, repentance and forgiveness. So, be glad for God’s light.

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