Friday, October 28, 2016

A Poem, A Psalm

A Poem, A Psalm
Virgil Hurt

O Lord God, You have known me before I knew myself.
In my mother’s womb, You formed me.
You made my inward parts, heart and mind and soul.
Before I knew right from wrong
You were at my right hand to make me strong.

When I was young and weak, broken by circumstances,
You held me up by Your secret counsel.
You looked to my brothers and my sisters.
You made them dwell in the secret place of Your mysterious counsel.
You called them in due time though their parents did not teach them Your ways.

While we were yet sinners, before we knew to love You or call You, Our Father,
You loved us and sent Your Son to call us His brothers and sisters.
O Lord, this knowledge is too wonderful for me. I cannot attain to it.
And yet, it is true. You look at us and You see us as You see Your Son,
As children in whom You are well pleased.

Not to us, O Lord. Not to our goodness. Not to our good intentions.
But to Him, the One who bled and died and freed us from guilt and shame.
To Him, who rose from the dead and justified us before Your righteous throne.

Unto You, O Lord, is glory and honor and praise, now and ever. Amen.

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