Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Every Idle Word

Our recent political season has shown us that we are likely to be called up short for every idle word that we have uttered. However, we are not celebrities or politicians. We don’t have microphones stuck in our faces recording our every utterance. Thank God.
         But that does not mean that no one is watching. That does not mean there will be no account for our every idle word. There is Someone watching. There will be an accounting.
         Do you actually believe that your Heavenly Father knows what you say? Even what you think? Then it is imperative that you be transformed from the inside out to think and say what you should. You need to speak those things that are beautiful, true and good. What do your words say about you? God will decide.

         For now, for those words that you know that you should not have spoken, let us kneel before the Lord and ask His forgiveness.

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