Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Meal Means

Much can be accomplished by the means of a meal. What does a meal mean? It means you care about the hungry person. It means you want to sit down for fellowship. It means that past grievances are being temporarily or permanently set aside. It means that the host is glad to serve the guest. It means that the guest and host are satisfied by the same food.

Is it any wonder that God chose to show His love towards us by the means of a meal? When we begin to understand what this meal means we see the glory in His choice of means. This Table is a good way to deliver His love to us.

He grants us Jesus. We receive Him with thanksgiving. We are fed and satisfied. The Father, too, is satisfied with the offered food and drink, well pleased in His own Son and His Son’s friends. 

The Father is glad to eat with you. Eat with thanksgiving and be filled.

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