Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sisters and Brothers

How do we become God’s children, the sisters and brothers of Jesus? It is all grace. In our own names, we cannot stand in His presence. We are fallen creatures and subject to sin and death. But in Christ Jesus, we have the forgiveness of sins and are recipients of eternal life. For those of you who have confessed sins and sought forgiveness through Jesus, you have already entered into eternal life.

Jesus is pleased to call you His sisters and brothers. Since you are now God’s children, the brethren of Jesus, is it any wonder that the Father, Himself, looks upon you with great pleasure? Some of you may wonder. But think of this for a second. How does the Father look at Jesus? Yes, His Son in whom He is well-pleased. And now, you too, are His sons and daughters, prodigal children returned home, children in whom He is well pleased.

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