Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Worship is Heaven

The Christian worship service is nothing less than a heavenly feast. When you come to worship, you are coming into heaven. Now, who does not want to go to heaven? Seriously, who in their right mind, would refuse heaven?

         Would you refuse heaven because you had a late night on Saturday? Would you refuse heaven because your child had a sporting event? Would you miss heaven because your family was visiting from out of town? Would you miss heaven for nearly any old excuse? Dear Saints, I am not kidding about this or being glib. I mean it with all my heart. If you do not understand that we are going to heaven together when we gather as God’s people, you really do run the risk of missing heaven altogether. If you cannot see the glory in the gathered people of God, then you are missing the glory of God. It really is that simple. So, come to heaven every week so that you are consistently drawn to God and will spend eternity with Him and His people in Heaven.

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