Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Pleased Father

I have talked about the Pleased Father quite a bit through the years. I have come to believe that it is both a central doctrine of the Christian faith and a key principle for raising godly children. As a principle, we should have pleased mothers as well as pleased fathers.

Like the apostle Paul, I rejoice greatly when I find your children walking in truth, when they are doing just what their Heavenly Father commands them. Indeed, I feel as a father to all of you and am pleased to find you walking in the truth of Jesus.

Your failures, shortcomings and sins do not deter me from being pleased, not when you turn from sins and walk in and towards Jesus. Of course, I am displeased to find anyone who turns his back on Jesus. You must turn around. But for those of you in Christ, nothing can separate you from Him. And this pleases the Father for He is pleased to be your Father, just as your own mother and father are pleased to be your parents and are pleased when you turn from foolishness and turn to wisdom and righteousness in Jesus Christ.

We gather before the Father in Jesus Christ. Rest assured, as you are in Christ, the Father is pleased with you as He is pleased with Jesus.

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