Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Our Sustenance is Jesus

Sustenance is food and drink that keeps you alive. We strive in all sorts of areas and do all sorts of great things in God’s Kingdom but without food and water, in a very short time, we would be worthless. We would lose our energy. We would be wracked with pain. Eventually, we would not be able to do the most basic functions of life. Our system would shut down and finally, we would die.

This bread and wine is our spiritual sustenance. Without it we will lose our strength, wind down and wither away. I am not talking about this little pinch of bread or this thimble full of wine. That won’t get you very far at all. 

Are you in Jesus today? Tomorrow? Next Sunday? Is Jesus in you? Are you filled up with Christ? Is He your sustenance? Is Jesus your food, your bread, your wine? Without Him, no life. In Him, life abundant. This meal invites you to have your fill of Jesus. Eat and drink of Him in faith and this bread and this wine, this Jesus, will sustain and preserve you.

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