Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Honor Your Mother

Rarely do we honor quite as fully as we should. We sometimes chaff at the authority that requires our honor. Or, we seek to please the authority simply for our own benefit. Small children are perhaps the worst offenders, often immature and selfish, only wanting, seldom giving, sometimes, though, perhaps giving by mistake. But the parent takes great joy in the selfish child and that joy produces one who honors in due season.
         The Bible calls us to honor our fathers and mothers and God gives us a promise that we might live long and prosper on the Earth. Sometimes we have to work at honoring father and mother, especially if they have wounded us deeply. But all of you must honor your mothers here on Earth for at least one great reason. It is also the one great reason we honor our Father who is in Heaven.
         Quite simply, no mother, no you. She is creator and life giver. You owe her the very breath you breathe, the thoughts you form, the actions you make. So, let us at least start there, giving her honor for making us, for carrying us in her womb, for giving us birth, for giving us a chance to be in this place on this day to bless and honor our Father who is in Heaven. God bless our mothers here on Earth.

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