Friday, May 03, 2013

A Faithful Friend

There is no greater show of faithfulness than to lay down one’s life for a friend. We know this to be true and we hope that we are faithful enough to be able to do so for our family and friends.
         Some of us have a hard time imagining that we are the friends of God. Our sins rise up and accuse us, but that is just the devil. He has been defeated and cast down from God’s throne and is no longer in a place to accuse you. Stop listening to him.
         This meal says that Jesus has befriended you. He made you His friend and then gave Himself for you, laying down His life in order to raise you up with Him. He has done so and you are seated with Jesus now as a faithful friend.
Your task is twofold. First, believe that Jesus has, in fact, made you His friend. Accept the fact of His friendship. Believe that God’s favor rests on you. And then, second, return the love, return the friendship and prove it by laying down your life for Him and for all those for whom He died.
This meal forms us into the people that are the friends of Jesus, for whom He died, and who are willing to die for Jesus and His friends.

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