Friday, January 13, 2012

Communion Meditation-Peace with God and Man

The glory of God with us is peace with God and man. The world fell into chaos through sin and brother against brother became the way of man. Cain killed Abel and thus it has been with man since that day. But in Jesus Christ, God has remade the Earth and Heaven. We do not yet see all things in submission to Jesus but we do see that God is restoring man to Himself and reconciling brother to brother on the Earth.
          As we have often recognized, this will not be fully and finally completed until the day of Resurrection when sin and death are utterly destroyed. But it is here now in us who are alive by God’s Spirit.
This meal is all about peace with God and peace with our brothers. Here we receive the body and blood of Jesus which brings us near to God, the Father. More than near, we are in Him and He is in us. This is mystical, to some degree, that is, we cannot quite get our minds around it, but it true none-the-less. And it is also true that through Jesus, His people are all of the same family. The glory of a family that is working as it should be, is the peace and love and unity that is revealed in their midst. 
May this bread and wine declare our unity and also be a means of grace for us who are the family of God, so that we would reveal the peace, love and unity of God to the world, so that they will know us our love one for another.

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Katie Hurt said...

Beautifully written.