Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Year of our Lord

Today is A.D. January 1, 2012. The A.D. is Anno Domini, the year of our Lord. This year is the year of Jesus, just as 2011 was and 2010 before that and the two thousand ten years before that.  He has been enthroned and His rule in His kingdom continues down to this very day. Glory to King Jesus! You can see why the secularists want to get rid of A.D. as it is a continual and worldwide acknowledgment that all the years, all the months, and all the days belong to Jesus Christ, His bride and His heirs, forever and ever.
          This year promises to be the best year ever. More people are known by Jesus today than ever in the history of the world. Heralds have gone out to the ends of the Earth proclaiming the reign of Jesus and men everywhere are aligning themselves with Jesus who is the Christ.
          Someone said it is an election year and they’ve got themselves all up in a dither about it. I hate to break it to them but there is a benevolent monarch ruling this year. They are not going to unseat Him.  Let us eat and drink to Jesus for 2012 is the Year of our Lord and of His Christ and of His government there shall be no end.

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