Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Exhortation- Waiting on Jesus

I guess nobody really likes waiting.  Waiting is really difficult. We can all wait for a short time. Sometimes that kind of waiting is actually pleasant. If we know the exact time something is going to happen, then we can endure for a time. But much of our lives are spent waiting for things in which the time frame is not sure; waiting to find a spouse, waiting to have children, waiting for a hoped for promotion, waiting for the joy of grandchildren, waiting for deliverance from health problems or financial struggles, waiting through trials and suffering.
          So, waiting for something that is sure can teach us that God’s promises are always sure. We know Christmas is coming and so we can wait with some degree of impatient anticipation but that only heightens the excitement of knowing that December 25 will surely arrive.
           But just as December 25 is sure to bring the celebration of the birth of Jesus, presents and food, so, too, will Jesus arrive in the midst of your troubles. He is the deliverer. He will come. But you may have to wait. I do not know how long. I wish I did then you could probably wait better. But you must wait upon the Lord. This means to trust in Him, having faith, knowing that the day of your deliverance draws near.
          We should confess our impatience and ask God to grant us patience to wait with a holy anticipation of His deliverance.

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