Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Communion Meditation- Abba, Father

God is with us, this much is true. But we do not have to simply believe this truth. God promises to be with us in a way that is tangible. He has given us His Spirit, through which we cry out to God as our own Father. Thus, through the Holy Spirit, we have this sense of being God’s children. Being a child of God is more than simply being related to Him by some distant relation in the family tree.
          To that extent, the brotherhood of man is a true doctrine. All humans are related to God, the Father. But it is something quite different to say, Our Father, my Father, Abba. Only a true child can say this. When an adopted child, or an older stepchild, finally calls the parent, dad or mom, mother or father, mommy or daddy, both the parent and the child know that they are, accepted, of one blood and one mind, intimate beyond any other earthly relationship, except, perhaps, that of spouse.
          So, can we say this? God, my dear Father, Abba? Yes, we can and if you have trouble doing so, then take courage from this meal. Jesus is seated at the table with His Abba, His daddy. We are the bride of Christ, seated with Him. We are presented to His Father and are thus members of Jesus. And since Jesus is a perfect Son, Abba, Father, accepts His bride as the perfect bride. She is, in every way, God’s own child. 
         I know that it is the case that the Church is the bride of Christ, and not every individual. But in addition to this picture of bride, we also know that we are adopted children of God, that Jesus is our Elder Brother, that Jesus told EACH of us to pray, Our Father, who art in heaven. So, we have many witnesses that we are true children of Yahveh.
         So, when you come to Him and say in an overtly respectful voice, “Almighty God, Exalted Father, dear benevolent Sir, O High King”, do not be surprised when He says to you, “You are in my family now. Stop with all the formality and pretense. Call me Abba.”

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