Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Exhortation- Our Savior has come

Hallelujah, Our Savior has arrived. The promised One has finally come. He is the one who saves His people from their sins. What does that mean? If sin is an enemy, then we do need to be saved from it. But if sin is a friend, what man would need to be saved from a friend?
          On this day, of all days, we take comfort in our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. If we were dying in the darkness of evil, if we were defeated by the power of Adam’s first sin and drowning in our own prevailing sin, if we were desperate to be free from sin’s stranglehold but unable to accomplish our own escape, then let us take hold of God’s promises today in Jesus! The Savior has come.
          It is difficult to chide on this glorious day but there is one reason to fear. If sin has become a friend, then a wicked friend is a great danger. Open your eyes and see that sin is an enemy and must be crucified with Christ. Do not be self-deceived but confess your failures and sins to God and embrace God’s hope for you and for the world. The Savior has come.       

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