Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exhortation- Bothered by Sin?

In Jesus Christ, we have the promises of God, not just a future promise but a present promise. Jesus is with us. He came to Earth, as a little baby, born of a Virgin. Jesus identifies fully with us, as one who has emptied Himself of His power and might and humbled Himself, even to the death of the cross, in order to save His people from their sins.
          But He has also done more than that. When He ascended into heaven, He also promised that His Holy Spirit would dwell with His people forever. What happened at Pentecost revealed that God’s plan was nothing less than the Salvation of the World. He used ordinary men and women to accomplish this salvation but they did so by extraordinary means. They did so by indwelling power of God’s Holy Spirit.
          Those extraordinary means, God’s Spirit, is still with us today. He abides with us, and greater than this, in us, so that we are enabled to do that which He has called us to do.
          This internal witness of the Holy Spirit is God with us continuing to draw us to Himself. Whereas, God’s people of old, chaffed against the law of God governing them, in the New Covenant, God’s people chaff against the power of remaining sin and death in the world in their own bodies.
          If it bothers you that you sin and you are striving to change and be more like Jesus, then take courage, the Holy Spirit is working in you that great salvation promised by God. One day, you will be rid of this intense struggle. For now, take courage. Confess those sins you still grapple with and receive the forgiveness of God through the shed blood of Christ.

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