Thursday, December 08, 2011

Communion Meditation- Past, Present and Future

Communion is a constant looking back. We look back to what Jesus has done, He died for our sins, and we give thanks. 
But it is not only looking back. Communion is also here in the present with us. We are holding God’s promises to us, the body and blood of Jesus. He is Emmanuel, God with us. We have God’s tokens to us, the Word of God made flesh, edible sermons, so that we have no doubt that God really is with us.  We have the Holy Spirit who testifies of God’s promise, enlightening our hearts, minds and wills to believe that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. All these are with us here and now.
          And communion looks forward to the Kingdom of Christ.  Jesus is with us but He is also enthroned in power at the right hand of God. Because of what Jesus has done, because of God’s faithfulness to us now, because of His promises about what Jesus is still going to do, we look to the future with great anticipation of how the Kingdom of Jesus will grow and fill the Earth.
          And so this meal touches all aspects of history, His story, past, present and future.

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