Saturday, October 25, 2008

Palin and Guilt

I have tried to state clearly why I am voting for the Republican candidate for the first time since I voted for Ronald Reagan. The only answer is Sarah Palin. I know, we should vote for the man at the top of the ticket. And some of you are angry that we third party reform types would go weak in the knees at the threat of the Obamanation and vote for the Elephant. Well, wait a minute! Let me explain again.

I have no delusions that the Republicans will represent a Christian or even much of a Conservative cause. Economically, they cave too easily. While warning against the recent market meltdown, they did nothing significant to help educate America as to the folly of such policies employed to make Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae the dangers that they have become. At best, it seems, they put in a few words so that at the next election they could say that it wasn't their fault. But leading is more than getting elected. Now, in the midst of the meltdown, they offer the same sad solutions that the liberals offer, without standing on their own conservative principles. After all, you might here them thinking, there is an election going on.

On the moral issues, there are more Republicans than Democrats who oppose abortion and the homosexual agenda. We know that because these issues are now pretty much litmus tests for Democrats and you cannot get funded and elected without supporting the status quo. But the Republicans have acquiesced in the fight against these two immoral positions. They have been silenced in a culture where any dissent from the politically correct version is seen as hostile, intolerant, racist and neandrathral. But to stand against immorality is none of these things. Where are the Christian men and women Congressmen with backbones and hearts who still care about the truth?

Along comes Sarah. Why do they hate her so? No one has the guts to even say it. She gave birth to Trig. What does THAT say about an America that wants its women to act like men, including refusing to be responsible for the children that are created through their sexual acts? She represents principle, responsibility and life. Life, life for babies, life for Down's babies, life for children. THAT is what matters most, Christians!

We, too, have been silenced. We have been told that it is uneducated and a mark of a religious zealot to be a one issue voter. By whose standard! The liberals know that this one issue is the most important political demarcation between even HAVING a standard and not having one. We do have a standard. God hates abortion and He will not stand by idly while we continue to ravage our nation by killing millions of babies in the womb. National Review writer Kevin Burke has a great article on this point of natioanl guilt and the response to Palin here.

I am not arguing for Sarah so that we can get Roe v. Wade overturned in this next administration. That probably will not happen. What we do need,though, is revival in the hearts of American citizens. Sarah wakes up that realization. Some are very angry at her for it. Others mock her on other fronts because they will not even allow America's conscience to wake up to the fact that it has blood on it. They keep deflecting the issue, hoping it won't really be the issue. We need a moral rebirth. I take her candidacy as a blessing from a loving Father to show us our follies so that we might repent of them. Will we? Probably not, but I pray that we do so before God's mercy dries up and His exhoratations to repentance cease. Then we are really in for it.


Francis Deblauwe said...

Ironic cartoon at the Reasons To Be Cheerful, Part 3 blog: ""

richard said...

"Now, in the midst of the meltdown, they offer the same sad solutions that the liberals offer, without standing on their own conservative principles."

Bob Goodlatte voted against the bailout, so he's one republican that will get my vote.