Thursday, October 23, 2008

Election Day Prayer of Repentance

Our Father in heaven, we come to You to confess our sins. Our election of President is coming soon and our President will represent us. Father, forgive us that we are unable to place a godly choice before Your sovereign throne. May Your will be done.

We pray for Your mercy to our land. Remember Your saints, O God, and grant that we may live quiet and peacable lives in this land. Lead us to repentance in our homes and churches, forsaking our cowardly ways, comprising the word of God and not protecting Your people from false prophets and false shepherds. Renew Your people in their churches through faithful worship, the primacy of preaching and the authority of the Word of God. Make us boldly unapologetic for everything that You have said, for Your Word, Your Christ and Your Spirit are every bit true, though every man be found a liar.

Grant us repentance in the churches, the bloody churches, the effeminate churches, the compromised churches, the immature churches, the haughty churches and where we in this church fit into any of those groups, Father, grant us repentance.

We, in this church, are all Americans, and so, as citizens of this great and God blessed land, we are certainly guilty before You of forgetting that the Lord Jesus is King of the United States. We repent of this and submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom as the rightful ruler of these United States. America truly is great and this has been true by Your blessing. So, to the extent that we can do so, we humble ourselves and our nation before You, so that You can lift us up on high as a light set on a hill. Revive us, O Lord, in Christ’s Holy Name. Amen.

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