Thursday, October 23, 2008

Exhortation-Election Day

Election Day is upon us. On November 4th, hopefully all of you that are eligible will cast your ballot. It is important for us to think about this correctly. What is our civic duty? How shall we act as citizens in voting and in submitting to the eventual outcome.

Do we deserve these candidates? Well, yes, most of them. I think we don’t deserve one of them and that is why I am voting for her. We live in a society that is full of itself. We have taught our children to be self-centered to the extreme for many generations now. We have taught them to be impatient, wanting the fruit of their rewards before they put in the hard work of their labors. To this extent, we have got in our leaders exactly what we have become in our homes and churches. The welfare state is merely what we have been demanding from our own parents for several generations. This should be no surprise. Spoiled citizens come from spoiled children. We really do need to put an end to both. And in this election, it seems that there is no candidate that will help us do that.

We must remember what more is at stake in this election. We have heard nothing about abortion in this election. We have heard nothing about the Sodomite agenda in this election. Why is that? It is because those who push these ungodly agendas have for the most part won the day. Conservative politicians and Christians have been shamed into silence. We must stop this cowardice at once.

Our current economic crisis is a fair warning from our Father in heaven that He hears the cries of the weak from the killing fields of the abortion clinics. He hears the lies of the homo-agenda-loving priests and pastors who call evil good and good evil. God hates these things and such men. And we should hate such wickedness in our land, as well.

I don’t know how you will vote. Certainly, voting for those who would positively promote the killing of children is directly contrary to Scripture. It is a sin. Don't do that.

I am imminently thankful to our God for putting Sarah Palin in a position where America is faced with the beauty, goodness and truth of embracing the life of a Down’s baby, baby Trig, and of helping her daughter embrace the child of an unplanned pregnancy that is immensely embarrassing and troublesome. In my opinion, this is more fair warning from God to America about doing what is good and right. I don’t think you have to cast a vote for the Republicans to be thankful to God for this. However, I am personally glad to vote for her and keep her in front of the remaining conscience of America and the world for as long as possible.

What we do need to do before this election day, is repent. Let us repent of our idolatries. Let us repent of our compliance and compromise in sin. Let us repent of our cowardice in speaking the truth, being fearful of men rather than fearing God. Let us ask for God’s mercy in this election and barring His mercy there, let us ask Him to bring repentance upon our land as we suffer under His chastisement.

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