Thursday, October 23, 2008

Exhortation-Baptized Members

Today, we have the joy and privilege of a happy and important duty. We are receiving two households as members of Providence Church and we are baptizing seven children from four households. This is a most grand and exciting Lord’s Day.

In the exhortation to you on baptisms, I often tell you to remember your own baptisms as I baptize the child. What do I mean by this?

First of all, that you ARE baptized. You belong to the Lord. Furthermore, you must remember that God is your Father, the Lord Jesus is your King, the Holy Spirit is your teacher. Mixed in to all of this is a host of blessings and responsibilities. Think about them. Remember them. Where you have forgotten or been disloyal, repent and lay hold of Father, Son and Spirit as a true and faithful disciple.

Today, we also receive the Fergusons and Heids as members of Providence Church. I say to you, also, remember your own membership. You have promised to be good and faithful members of Providence, supporting the elders and deacons in their work, loving your fellow saints, esteeming them higher than yourself, sacrificing for them, committed to them by a solemn bond and oath before the living God and witnesses.

Again, if you have fallen in these oaths, having spoken ill of pastor, elders and deacons, having divided the body with complaining and grumbling, then stop that now. Repent of these false deeds. Renew your vows to the Lord in this church.

God is pleased to lavish His favor upon us. We rejoice with these families and these children. Let us commit ourselves to God and to them as we confess our sins before Him so that we might all stand before Him spotless in Jesus Christ.

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