Friday, October 31, 2008

Exhortation-Civic Duty, Too

Our national election is this Tuesday, November 4. The talking heads have been reminding us now for nearly two years that this is the most important election that you have ever voted in. They continue on with various points as to why this is the most important election that you have ever voted in. Are they right? Is this the most important election that you have ever voted in?

Well, yes it is and why is this the case? It is the case because this is the duty that stands before you now. You cannot go back to the good old days. You cannot move ahead to the good days to come. You have your duty facing you right now and the duty that is facing you right now is always the most important thing that you can do.

Will the outcome of this election change the world that we live in? Perhaps. If the wrong man gets elected, will the free world cease to exist? No, not at all. Might God use this election to send us more chastisement? Likely, but that, too, would be a good thing. We all need regular chastening to remind us to be faithful, to be thankful and to be diligent in doing good.

So, what are the most important issues facing us today, tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday?

Today? Worship, love God and humble yourselves before Him. Enjoy Him now in practice for enjoying Him forever.

Tomorrow? Arise in the goodness of the Lord and get about your duties to Him, to your spouse, to your children and to your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tuesday? The same as every other day, and do your civic duty, too.

Wednesday? To give thanks to the Lord, to pray for the President elect, to live quiet and peacable lives, working with your hands that you might have something to share with your brothers. Hoist a nice tankard of ale in thanksgiving to God that He has won the victory, again.

Elections, kings, presidents, come and go but the Word of the Lord and His Kingdom abide forever. Let us not fear man but submit ourselves to the One who really controls all of these things and means to use them to the glory of Christ in expanding His Kingdom to the utter end of the earth.

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