Saturday, June 24, 2017

Father's Day Humble Pie

There is nothing like Father’s Day for men to eat humble pie. We are lauded by our children and wives for being great dads. Some are, no doubt. Some of you are, no doubt. I think so, too.
But for all the accolades, we know how far short we fall. This is not said to rub dirt in your eye but as a cold hard fact. This is especially true in light of today’s sermon about our Father God. When we compare ourselves to others, we sometimes come out pretty well but when we compare ourselves to the perfection of our Father in Heaven, our elder brother Jesus, or the all-knowing, ever present Holy Spirit, the scary reality sets in. This is not only true for fathers but also true for mother’s, sisters and brothers.

But do not despair. There is ever-present help in our time of need. The Father provides a way for us in His Son through His Spirit. Confess your failings and sins and receive the abundant mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. We are privileged to do so every week as we embark on our corporate worship. Make good use of this time.

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