Saturday, June 24, 2017

Comfort at The Table

The Father’s love is lavished upon us through His Son, Jesus Christ. In our call to worship today or even in the sermon, you father’s may have been called up short. No doubt, many of you may have realized how far short you fall compared to the Heavenly Father’s kind of love that He revealed in His own Son, Jesus. If this has distressed you, and it should have, then now is the time to be comforted.

         At the Lord’s Table, we remember the Lord’s Death, until He comes. His death is the only means whereby you can safely stand before the Father. Your works as a father, a mother, or a child are never enough. They always fall short. If you belong to Him, you should know this already. But the fact of falling short is only another means to drive you to your knees at the cross. And the Father Himself meets you there. He extends His hand. He puts a signet ring on your finger stamped with the image of Jesus. He selects the finest white robe for you to clothe you for a sumptuous meal. He has killed the fatted calf and prepared it with aromatic spices. Now is the time to sit down and eat, in welcome, in comfort, in assurance of grace, in the Father’s love, face to face. Come and welcome.

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