Saturday, December 31, 2016

Machen, Christianity and Liberalism

Machen, Christianity and Liberlism, as pertinent today as 1923. 

The liberals of his day were in the Presbyterian Church. They are still there as well as other historic mainline denominations that have drifted away from their honest creedal past. Evangelicals have long recognized that. But do we recognize liberalism, as Machen defines it, in our large, independent Evangelical Churches? Thirty or forty years ago those churches were what we called Bible Churches and were the bastions of Biblical Orthodoxy. Now, many of them look like the very liberals that Machen was arguing against in 1923 within the Presbyterian Church. 

When will realize that true Christianity, true Christians, if you will, are, at their core, merely Bible people. And honest ones at that. The Bible is the only ultimate and infallible source of faith and practice. All other pretenders peddle a hopeless salvation.

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