Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Learning to Feast

This meal is just a pinch of bread and wine. But what is it really? It is sitting down to dine together on the Lord Jesus. Sometimes when we think of it in those terms, His body and blood, it seems a morbid meal. But Jesus, Himself, said, “You must eat my flesh and drink my blood.” What was He getting at? 

We are to be one with Him. He is to fully possess us, body and soul. The food that is Jesus is a feast.

When we eat this little bit of bread and drink this little sip of wine, we are saying that we belong completely to Jesus and that Jesus has possessed us completely. We are part of Him and He is part of us, becoming one with Him just as He is one with His Father. This was His high priestly prayer for us and it has come true.
If this is true, then there is no greater food. There is no superior banquet. We are in the banqueting hall with the High King and He has promised us not up to half His Kingdom but the entire Kingdom. We are joint heirs with Christ. He has prepared a feast far beyond our hopes or expectations and He has sealed His promise with His own body and blood.

Then how is this learning to feast? It is the meal of Thanksgiving. The Eucharist is giving thanks. Feasting is food with gratitude. No gratitude. No feasting. Just food. So, learn to feast. Be thankful.

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