Friday, June 17, 2016

Rejoice and Be Exceeding Glad

At Table, we learn to have God’s perspective. The Table is the place where we tell stories. Some of the stories we tell have to do with how unjustly we have been treated, how we have been lied about, slandered, or ill used. Some of this mistreatment comes from unbelievers who malign us. Some of it comes from fellow believers, which is more painful, often driven by envy. Some of it comes even from family members who accuse us falsely. Nothing wrong with telling the stories, just make sure you are doing that which is right and are suffering for doing good.

If so, it is here at the Table that we get to laugh at the world, the flesh and the devil. God has a big joke for all of them. They accuse. He justifies. They condemn. He acquits. They punish. He rewards. This should be funny to us. We should laugh with God at the foolishness of the world. The exceeding glad part of this word ‘rejoicing’ literally means ‘to jump for joy’. We should literally do a jig because our reward is with Jesus. He, and we with Him, get the last laugh.

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