Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Don't Be a Pharisee

It is now obvious wisdom that says, “Don’t be a Pharisee.” But it wasn’t always so. At one time, even Saint Paul thought it was wise to live among the strictest of Pharisees, being painfully meticulous, fussy and finicky about the fine points of the Pharisaical views of law. He even thought it wise to persecute any who would gainsay the way of the Pharisee. But Jesus did just that.
         Paul strained out a gnat and swallowed camel, gagging on the very words, work and wisdom of Jesus. Seeking a righteousness all their own, the Pharisees missed the righteousness of Jesus that they could own. They were the wise and hard to humble, the religious and hard to teach. The self-righteous without mercy. These were not fit for the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God is fit for the lame, the blind, the dirty, the needy, the sick, the poor. To them Jesus is everything. Don’t be a Pharisee.

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