Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Light Eyes

Is the light in your eyes? I hope so. It should be shining in them, or rather, from them. I love to see the light that is Jesus shining from the eyes of my children, from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, from the saints gathered here, young and old.
If Jesus has illuminated you, then you cannot hide this light. I am speaking more than merely metaphorically. There is a particular kind of bright-eyedness that is apparent in the life of the Christian. The life of the soul seeps out from the eyes and is on display for all to see. Conversely, the darkness is also obvious. A downcast, bitter, faithless soul, hides the light and the shadows and darkness grow.

When we look around at one another, our light shines, the light that is Jesus who transforms us into little moons that radiate His glory. This light is joy, hope, forgiveness, fellowship, empathy, and compassion. Namely, the love of God and the love of His people. May you possess these light eyes.

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