Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Peace to His People

The Burden of Nineveh is a frightening reminder of the power of God to hold men accountable for their sins. God forgave Nineveh and withheld destruction when they repented under the preaching of Jonah. But then they exalted themselves, attacked God’s people and were held accountable. God remembered His promises to His people and brought about destruction upon the wicked and cruel Ninevites.
         These words are perhaps hard for us. We are glad to see men held accountable but the actual prospect of accountability is horrific. But this, too, is a grace to us. God keeps His promises. When He judges enemies, it brings peace to God’s people. Furthermore, the fact of the destruction of wicked doers is a reminder to God’s people to trust Him only and to submit to Him in obedience. This, too, is a message of peace to His people.

         The Table of the Lord is for blessing. The Lord Jesus has defeated every foe. He holds out the olive branch to His beloved saints. Eat and drink and be at peace.

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