Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adversary or Friend?

Adversaries of God defy Him or run from Him. Friends submit to Him and repent of their sins.
         It is clear from this that adversaries of God can change. They can give up their rebellion through repentance and submit to Him. It is also clear that the friends of God who refuse to repent of sins and submit to Him can become His adversaries.
         These truths reveal both God’s mercy and His justice. He is always merciful to the contrite heart. But He always requires justice to those who stand in their own name, demanding their own way, proud in heart and resisting His ways.

         Thank God that we have an opportunity each week in this service to be reminded to repent of sins, submit to God and thus remain His friends. But you don't have to wait until confession at church. Confess your sins right now. God always attends a humble and contrite heart. And after confessing, receive His forgiveness. Thus, you will be His friend, indeed.

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