Friday, May 29, 2015

Rivers of Wine

Most of Amos is full of warning. But when we get to the end we see the promise of re-creation. After the darkness of judgment, there is the light of hope.
         Our God is a kind and gracious Father and is also holy. He disciplines for disobedience. He even cuts off those who steadfastly refuse His grace and mercy and turn to other gods, who are no gods, for their comfort and salvation.
         But He never totally cuts off salvation from the Earth. And now in a new era, in a better covenant with better promises, God remembers His covenant, for God so loves the world, and He restores the years the locust has eaten. Where there was nothing, there is plenty. Where there was famine and death, there is the bread of life. Where there was drought and deadly thirst, there are rivers of living water, rivers flowing with the wine of the New Covenant.
         We partake now of God’s kindness to us in Jesus for our God has restored us to His favor through the precious blood of His own dear Son.

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