Sunday, May 10, 2015


To My Wonderful Wife on Mother’s Day
You are the best of mothers.
By Virgil Hurt
Sunday May 10, 2015


Mothers are God’s answer to downcast children.
They encourage, exhort, and listen.
But that is not all that mother’s do.
Their work is never really through.
Care, compassion, cooking, cleaning,
Prayer, passion, plaiting, pleading.

Mothers are always giving, seldom receiving.
They keep on seeking to be pleasing.
What has God given in mothers?
A wonder worker like no other.
Who else could grow a baby in her body?
Life she gives and life embodies.
For a mother is life to all that know her.
The life she gives is never over.
Light, life, love and laughter.
To know a mother is to know this chapter.

She gives it all and after this
She lays down to rest and there she gives.
She loves a man who becomes a father
But cannot feed his children after.
Her own body grows their food
And suckles them till they’re subdued.
She nurtures them in admonition,
God’s nurture, too, and her fruition.

What wonder is this mother fair?
A glorious creature beyond compare.
Her beauty lies in the inner man
Where God bestows His mysterious plan
That life of every woman and man
Should come from a woman who loves a man.

So to all mankind flows the love of motherhood,
She is the second greatest good.
The first is He who in the beginning
From Adam’s side took the thinning
And fashioned her a wife and mother
The best that dust could gather.
To Him we grant the greatest good
And mother’s sons agreeing should
Bow with her to Him who made it all
For mother’s, of all creatures great and small,
Deserve the honor that honors best of all.

So, first to Him and then to her
A prayer and then a praise.

Thank you Father for great grace.
A mother You have given me.
Forgive me for my ingratitude
Though blinded now I see.
She of all that came and went
Loved me most when almost spent.
Her love endures like Thy great love
To those who wander far from You.
She waits and hopes and prays
As they emerge and are birthed again
By the love of a mother, a faithful friend.

To every mother’s son and every mother’s daughter
Praise her often and heartily ever after.
You are who you are because of a mother.
She gave you life and so you gather
Words, words to praise and honor…
Your mother.

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