Thursday, January 22, 2015

Perseverance and Supplication

It is wonderful to hear the great promises of God. We are victors in Jesus but not in our own strength. We must be in Christ and in the power of His might. We must pray for strength and perseverance. We pray for ourselves and we pray for one another. But we do so with the knowledge that we have all the tools and resources for success.
         We stand fast in Christ and we exhort and encourage one another to look to Jesus and the glory of His victory so that we do not grow discouraged but rather grow ever more bold to resist the devil and the principalities and powers.

         It is assuring to know that through the prayers of Jesus and the Holy Spirit and of one another, we will, indeed, stand fast.  For our Lord Jesus has gone before us into the heavenlies and He has seated us with Him in victory.

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