Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bold Speech, Grace and Peace

It is good if I am bold with you. Pray for me to be so. We enjoy the life among the saints for fellowship and encouragement. We all need that. We need encouragement in believing God for forgiveness and for His faithfulness to us in His Spirit to lead godly lives.
         We do not need encouragement when we continue in sin. God forbid! When we are walking in sins, what we need is a plain word, bold speech that brings the grace of repentance, the grace of forgiven sins, the grace of faithful Christian living and the peace that goes along with all of this.

         I want you to be at peace and in order to get there, I want you to turn from your sins and turn to Jesus for forgiveness. 
        What sins? Complaining, grumbling, theological hubris, pornography, gossip, drunkenness, fornication, and any other lofty thought or action that separates you from the love and peace of Christ. Forsake these sins and turn to Jesus. Walk in His grace and peace.

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