Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Civil Disobedience

Civil Disobedience by professing Christians, especially faithful pastors, may be a requirement sooner than you think.

The Houston city council has ordered several area pastors to submit their sermons to them regarding an ordinance to allow men to use women's public bathrooms in Houston. Some bathrooms around the country are already unisex. That is not too safe but not a huge problem if the bathroom is a one holer with a lock. But this is really not about where you pee.

This is the result of a bigger agenda by the homosexual overlords represented by the lesbian Houston mayor. They and She cannot tolerate anyone who disagrees with their perverted views of sexual orientation.

The pastors were speaking out against gay mirage and the forced celebration of every conceivable gender identity confusion, GLBTQ, double X,Y and Z. Namely, they were saying what the Bible says about such things.

I call upon all pastors to preach all of the Bible without fear of men. When liars like the Houston Mayor say that hate is pointing out the truth of the Scriptures and that love is doing whatever you think is right, we should resist them to the utter most. Shall we obey men rather than God?

Our sermons are NOT subject to the state. We are free to say what God has told us to say. We must not submit to any ordinances, laws, or coercions of any kind that seek to limit our free speech and free pulpits, whether they are from the city, state or federal government.

It is shameful that we have been so silenced already. It is time to speak up and may God rise up on our behalf and defeat His enemies.

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