Saturday, October 11, 2014

Border Secure

A recent post on The Drudge Report states this:

 "A series of statements this week from Obama administration officials have left a murky picture about whether four people caught last month crossing the United States border from Mexico had ties to terrorist groups."

Well, sure, the Obama Administration wants to control every piece of information passed through the media. Their object is to keep up a murky picture. They do not want to have to admit that Islamist extremists are coming across the porous Mexican border. They don't admit any failings at all, actually, until they are caught red-handed AND have secured the mainstream media's love in failing to report the red-handed catch.

Are terrorists coming across the border? Let me see here, there are tens of thousands of Mexicans and Central and South Americans streaming across the border. There are also some Africans getting to Mexico and heading north across the border. These 'dreamers' include many children, traveling alone, some as young as ten years old. They make it across Mexico, to the border, into Texas, Arizona or California. A few of them get arrested and shipped to swing states. But many just continue on in, locate relatives, get jobs or not, and enjoy the good ole USA. Many of them are contributors to our nation and not a violent threat. Many are lawless criminals, as the swelling prison systems testify.

But is it possible for many highly organized, fully supported, specifically intentioned Islamo Terrorists to get across our border?


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