Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fellow Heirs and of the Same Body

Part of the mystery revealed is that the Gentiles were fellow heirs and of the same body as the Jews. This body is the body of Christ. We Gentiles are of that same body.
       All men who are in Christ are of this same body. It is imperative that we understand that all those who are in Christ are part of His body and therefore part of our body.

       One of the glories that Ephesians calls us to is unity in Christ. This unity is a fact, not something that we strive for. But we can work against the unity, fighting against our own body. But I am convinced of better things for you. As we look around today, we are reminded that we are all fellow heirs and of the same body, in Jesus. May our outward manifestation of this truth be consistent with God’s declaration of this truth.

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