Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Dividing Walls

We are good at building walls of division. We do this most notably by taking offense. We do this next most notably by refusing forgiveness. When we take offense or refuse to forgive, we are hoarding the building materials of division. We must repent of this. We need to learn to look over sins committed against us and to readily forgive sins against us when forgiveness is sought. We must never hold a grudge or nurse a wound. Such grudges and wounds always fester and need amputated.
God has torn down the walls that divide us. He abolished them and slew them and then set us together, fitly framed, in peace in Jesus Christ. Let us be glad at this and not rebuild those torn down walls.
         We are to be people of peace, peace in our hearts with God and peace with our brothers in the Lord, for Jesus, Himself, is our peace.

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