Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wherein Time Past Ye Walked

As we look at Ephesians 2 today, we are reminded of two important things. One is God’s great unmerited grace towards us. The Father loved us and called us to Himself through Jesus. This grace is monergistic. We didn’t have anything to do with it. God did it because He wanted to. Our response is simply faith, gladness and thanksgiving.
         The Second thing is that God saved us to faithful living not just from disobedience and wrath. We are saved to walking in His grace and He expects that a certain number of our sins are now fully behind us. I do not say all of our sins for we continue to be tempted, struggle against sin and sometimes fall, until we are Resurrected.

But he says that some sins are not even to be named among Christians. Christians should be done sinning in this way.  Among them, he names fornication, pornography, talking like a sexual moron, course sexual jesting, covetousness-especially related to someone else’s husband or wife, and such things. These things need to be confessed, repented of and done with in the life of the Christian. So, let us live in the Spirit and be done with these deeds of the dead.

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