Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Head of the Church

Ephesians tells us that Jesus is ruler of all things and that He is the Head of the Church. The Head is the protector, the one who thinks things through, the one who is in charge, and the one that takes responsibility for his actions and is fully willing to be held accountable. He is unafraid to take on the responsibilities that he is called to.

         The Church sometimes acts like a silly wife that dishonors her good and faithful husband by not placing explicit trust in him. She is frantic when she should be composed. She is fearful when she should be peaceful. But our Head is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the perfect leader, faithful, true, stalwart, fearless. The Church has no reason to be frantic, no reason to fear. So, let us be at peace, knowing that Jesus is the Head over all things, the Head over the Church, our Head.

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