Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eternal Excellency Is.60:15

God has taken that which is forsaken and hated and turned it into an Eternal Excellency. Isn’t that just like God, to take the things that revered and turn them into dust and ashes? And then to take the things that are lightly esteemed by men, or not esteemed, or even hated and despised, and turn them into Eternal Glory? Well, it is like God, even if you do not see it clearly. His ways really are not our ways. His thoughts really are not our thoughts. We get it so mixed up that we hardly know God’s approving smile from His disapproving frown.
Is it any wonder that just when you get ahead you feel best about yourself? When you get a promotion, when you have the extra cash, when you are honored in the square, that is when things are all right with you. But God takes the weak, the poor in spirit, the downtrodden and He bestows a blessing on them. Why can we not see it? So, if you are feeling smug in your own achievements, humble yourself to thanksgiving for those very achievements are from God, too. But if you are feeling forsaken and hated, alone, sad, desperate, foolish, sinful and hopeless, then hear the Word of the Lord. He has taken all that failure and turned into an Eternal Excellency for you. This is the joy of forgiven sin, a hope that, in Christ, truly does spring eternal.

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