Friday, December 06, 2013

A Father's Love

A father’s love is often scary. A good father is strong and his expectations seem difficult. A child may wonder if he is measuring up and if his father is pleased. This is natural and children need assurance of the father’s love. But a good father always provides the means of success to meet his expectations. He prepares the children to do that which he expects, feeding them, nurturing them, protecting them, and wherever they are incapable of doing that which he expects, he does so on their behalf. Thus, children of such a father find themselves continually in the place of special care and the father’s favor.
How much more so with our Father in Heaven who watches out for our very souls? He nurtures us along and leads us further into His ways little by little, enabling us by His Spirit, through Word and Sacrament, to do what He has called us to do. And when we are unable to fulfill His perfect will, for all fall short, He sent us His Son, born of a Virgin, to live and die, so that we might live and die and live in Him. He perfectly enables us even when we are incapable of enabling ourselves. And thus we are assured of the Father’s love. Glory to God in the highest!

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