Monday, October 28, 2013

Patience Really Is A Virtue

          As we look at Saul today, we realize that impatience can be the cause of great foolishness and serious sin. Many of our sins fall in the category of immaturity. Immaturity is characterized by impatience. The immature want it now. A toddler wants her food, now! A young boy wants respect, now! A young man wants his sex, now! A young woman wants her security, now! And a failure to get the good thing one wants, now, often leads the immature to grasp for it before it is time. Thus, the taking of the thing before its time is mistrust and lack of faith that God will provide that good thing at just the right time.
The young and immature need to learn patience with faith, believing that those good desires will be provided for, by God, at just the right time. And then, as we grow in patience, our faith grows, knowing that God is always faithful and timely in delivering His promises. This keeps us from being foolish and results in our maturity in the faith.
So, let us confess both our impatience and the particular sins we have committed by refusing to wait upon God and His good timing.

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