Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Holy Boldness Thanksgiving

Although the Lord is immensely gracious to us, we ought not to take His grace for granted. Saul made that mistake. He had been given a changed heart but he was not steadfast. He wrongly assumed that God’s favor would automatically rest with him. But Saul stumbled in ingratitude, unbelief and disobedience and received his just reward.
         Let it not be so with us who are called by the grace of God in Jesus Christ. We, who have also received changed hearts, must walk in gratitude towards God for His kindness and mercy towards us. We also must continue to believe that the Lord Jesus is given for sinners like us that we might come boldly into the presence of our kind Father clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
         This holy boldness is not inconsistent with receiving God’s grace in humility. We can do so because we do so with gratitude. Thankfulness keeps our hearts where they should be, humble, and aimed directly at God’s glory through Jesus. This is our faith and for this we thank God.

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