Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Life of Integrity

At the end of Samuel’s life, he stood before Israel and offered to come clean for any wrongs that he had committed.  He asked Israel to witness against him if he had stolen anyone’s ox or donkey, if he had defrauded anyone of money, or if he had oppressed anyone at any time or accepted a bribe to sway his judgments.  No one in Israel could call Samuel out for any of these things. Oh, that we had such men in office today who were first of all, honest, and second of all, willing that anyone should call them to accountability for any breach of integrity.
         May we be like Samuel in matters of integrity. Let us not steal, defraud, oppress through domination or fail to judge honestly, fairly and truly. These are all things that Christians should have clear in their minds and be able to stand before God and men in these matters of integrity.
         If we have sinned by stealing, lying for the sake of gain, oppressing the righteous through domination or intimidation, or if we have judged unrighteously through bribes, whether of money or the courting of some other sort of favor, let us confess our sins so that we can stand before God and men with a clear conscience.

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