Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sin of Impatience

Today, we look at patience as a spiritual fruit. This means that patience must necessarily be a part of the life of the believer.  Patience is revealed in us as we wait upon others. Patience is also manifested as endurance, what we might call perseverance. We must be patient in both of these ways.
         In this exhortation, I would like us to think about the patience or lack of patience that we show with others. In an earlier sermon, we saw that patience is a direct application of love. Love is patient. And, now we see that patience is also an expectation of all who call themselves Christian.
         Are you patient? Are you willing to wait upon the Lord as He teaches others what you already know? Or, do you get impatient with them, revealing your impatience with the Lord? Are you patient with your spouse as you realize that you do not see things the same way? Do you try to enter into her world and understand where she is coming from? Are you patient with your boss when he does not seem to fully understand the situation you are in? Are you patient with those who report to you as they must learn all the things you learned long ago? Are you patient with your children as they try to grow up but constantly make childish mistakes? Children, are you patient with your friends and siblings, or do you get easily bothered by them?
         It is a lack of love that lashes out, gets frustrated, is irritated and constantly reveals impatience. So, we must confess our impatience as sin and ask God to teach us how to love, thus revealing this fruit of the Spirit called patience.

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