Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Death AND Resurrection

The disciples recognized Jesus in the breaking of bread. We, too, recognize Jesus in the breaking of bread. He was broken for us. His blood was spilled out. He gave all of Himself to us so that He would be in us and we would be in Him. In addition to this, we all partake of one loaf, thus we are one with one another.
         This is another of those seeming paradoxes of our faith. This brokenness of the loaf is of the essence of the unity of the faith. We can only be one if we come from the One, the Lord Jesus and if we all partake of the One signifying our unity around the broken body of Jesus and the shed blood of Christ. We all drink of it. We are all one through suffering, death, brokenness and blood. This is what it means to gain the victory through the cross of Jesus.
But it is not just cross. Today, we also celebrate Resurrection. We do not only partake in His death but we also partake in the risen loaf, the risen Jesus, the One who was dead and who is now alive. So, the loaf now signifies the Resurrection life of Jesus, which we have partially entered into even now and we have the hope that one day we will also be raised in our bodies, having put on immortality, that we will live and reign with Jesus, world without end. Amen.

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