Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Growing Up in Faith

Patience is a virtue that we sometimes feel is lacking in our lives. Even in Communion, we see how the immature are impatient, as our little ones clamor for the bread and for the wine, not wanting to wait to partake with the rest of the body. But we are like that. We sometimes do not think of others but only of ourselves, like a little toddler who just does not know any better. This is one reason why it is so beautiful that we all partake together with our little ones. We get to see what it means to grow up into Christ, to learn to defer to one another, to overlook our immaturities and shortcomings, to look around and be glad that we, and some of the others, are growing up, learning to wait, thinking of others more highly than ourselves.
         Essentially, that is what Communion is, learning to be like Jesus, the One who was the ultimate example of thinking of others more highly than Himself. He waited upon His disciples patiently, although, at times, upbraiding them for their unbelief when they should have known better, exhorting them to grow up in their faith. But He patiently taught them and was willing to give Himself wholly to and for them, waiting for them to grow up in the faith. We, too, must grow up in our faith, believing all that God has done through the crucified, resurrected, ascended and ruling Lord Jesus Christ.

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