Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Be Good

Being good is something that we are called to be. It may be difficult for us to say this. After all, didn’t Jesus say, No one is good but God alone? Yes, He did and then he calls us to be good. We are to love life and see good days by being good. So, it is clearly a matter of degree. We cannot be purely good because there is only One who is all good and never does evil and that is God alone. But we are called to be like God, discerning good and evil and then choosing good and rejecting evil.
         Furthermore, this is another fruit of the Spirit. The Spirit, Himself, teaches us what is good and calls us to learn what is good. Of course, God is good and the Lord Jesus is the One good man. If we are to be good, we must learn to be like Jesus. Of His good nature, He naturally discerned the good and the evil and was able to recognize those qualities in others. We are not quite so discerning but should be gaining a love for goodness such that it is becoming our natural bent as we love good and turn away from evil. This is, in fact, what happens to those who are filled with God’s Spirit and we must continue to walk in God’s Spirit on the paths of goodness. To the extent that we have strayed from this good path, we must repent and return.

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